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Bodes 360: the most flexible multi-source feedback tool on the market today
sample screen shots of bodes 360 application
What is it?

This is a highly developed, flexible, multi-source feedback tool providing individual, manager and empirical business-level data. The tool can be utilised both internal and external to the business, and has vast reporting abilities. This tool aims to facilitate higher performance for the individual, groups of individuals, and the business as a whole. In other words:

  • It improves individual performance by precisely identifying the strengths and weaknesses against job role requirements, and by tracking profile changes over time.
  • It improves team performance through live team profiling and gap analysis.
  • It improves business performance, ensuring a measured capability profile.
  • It assesses the exact learning & development needs of individuals, teams and the business, and measures the effects of resource allocations on these groups.

What does it do?

  • Enables unlimited assessments of individuals in isolation or against target or job role profiles.
  • It can facilitate any number of internal or external assessor groups.
  • Full status tracking and control –the user knows exactly the position of each assessment whilst maintaining the anonymity of assessors. 
  • Users can either directly nominate assessors, or the whole process can be automated through an assessor bank to ensure complete anonymity.
  • The tool is multi-lingual and can be accessed via security from anywhere in the world with a supported browser.
  •  There are over 30 possible report combinations ranging from straight gap analysis through to Johari window.
  • Individuals can choose any two assessments completed at different times to generate direct comparative reports.
  • Managers can continually track team profiles.
  • Nominated individual can access global aggregated reports filtered to any part of the business so an up-to-date pulse check or ROI can be accessed live at any time.
  • Administrators have a full activity dashboard to target usage.

What makes it different from competitors?

  • Your brand, your competency model, your questions and reports that are meaningful to you.
  • An optional ‘locking’ function so that users results can be provided face-to-face by internal facilitators.


sample screen shots of bodes 360 application

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