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Bodes Engagement Survey

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The Bodes engagement survey is multi-lingual, has 'live' reporting and can cater for local survey suppliments. True power to know!
sample screen shots of bodes 360 application  
What is it?

The most powerful, specifically developed climate survey on the market today. Designed with real businesses in mind, it is multi-lingual and provides easy access from any supported browser world-wide. As well as any questions clustered along multi-dimensional lines, the survey has an activity and results filtered dashboard based on line of sight. Managers at any level can probe down their line of sight and create action plans for their part of the business. Moreover, administrators can create and assign different questionnaires (climate or otherwise) to any part of the business. The most powerful, live and inclusive survey tool on the market today.


What does it do?

  • Creates survey to the whole or parts of the organisation
  • Completely anonymous and rules-led on size of reporting group
  • Can create surveys with any question types (quantitative or qualitative) with variations of scales, question types and clustering of questions
  • Fully accessible from any supported browser 24/7 and full multilingual ability
  • Full authority and permissions hierarchy with different views and reporting features for users, managers and administrators (line of sight based)
  • Simple user access and experience
  • Options for non-PC survey users (OCR or rapid entry)
  • ‘Live’ results dashboards available for all managers (if desired)
  • Integrated manager action planning
  • Activity comparisons against total possible user numbers
  • All historical data retained within the system
  • Option for stand-alone or integrated ‘pulse survey’ for interim, one-off, localised surveys –create your own:
  • Pulse survey can create any question types, any scales, any clustering and pushed to any user group

Reports for this system are client-dependant, but can include:
  • Filter based on line of sight –managers only see reports for their area of responsibility. Full drill-down dashboard
  • Filters are configured to client needs and could, for example, include team, department or function, country, sex, length of service, and so on
  • Performance against values
  • Engagement or alignment
  • Environmental issues
  • Results by question vs. scale
  • Motivation
  • Productivity issues
  • Localised issues
  • Who staff identify with
  • Change management
  • Cultural indices
  • Change amenability
  • Fully configurable results titles/classifications and client dependant
  • Year-one-year measures
What makes it different from competitors?
  • Live data as and when required
  • Accessible 24/7 worldwide from any supported browser
  • Massive question, scale, question clustering and reporting configurability to client needs
  • Completely flexible reporting based on client needs
  • Can generate multiple surveys for differing purposes and user groups
  • Full line of sight configuration
  • Caters for non-PC users
  • Fully multilingual
  • Full administrative facility to ensure organisational control


sample screen shots of bodes 360 application

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