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Bodes Learning (Learning Diagnostics Tool)

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What is it?

An on-line learning needs analysis system assessing the precise learning needs at individual, team and business levels aimed at regulated, compliance or process-led roles. With knowledge tests, learning materials, coaching information on learning needs, and combined with personality-based motivators and individual coaching preferences, it provides a rounded and empirical diagnostic tool for most businesses.

The system identifies precise learning needs and then tracks improvements over time for the individual, the team and business as a whole. It validates the learning spend as well as targeting future learning and spend requirements. It therefore saves money and time through precise identification, increases competence and reduces risks associated to regulated businesses. With a strong coaching element, it ensures the manager can also motivate staff to achieve their personal best whilst eliminating risk to the business. Within the system there are, as standard, a Learning Diagnostic tool, learning tracking tools, knowledge tests, preferred coaching style, and an inventory to assess individual fears and motivators. It can also incorporate your learning modules, on-line resources and a knowledge bank.


   What does it do?

  • Eliminates business risk through ensuring compliance within regulated/process-led roles.
  • Saves cost and potential attrition.
  • Increases time on-the-job and improves the customer experience.
  • Provides a direct and empirical analysis of individual knowledge and learning needs.
  • Enables managers to manage through understanding –information on their people’s coaching and personality needs, ability for the coach to provide learning, and an understanding of the team’s profile as a whole.
  • Benchmarks against other team members through norm groups.
  • Ability to measure the impact of learning through period comparisons.
  • Continually tracks at the level of the individual, team, division and business as a whole.
  • It effectively provides strategic information and places the manager and business in control.


   Reports for this system include:  

User access to modular learning needs

  • User access to coaching preference
  • Actions to do at user and manager levels
  • Manager data on individual team members
  • Interface for local training material delivery
  • Manager data on league tables against learning components/modules for ‘buddying’
  • Comparisons of learning needs for any two individual’s
  • Assessment of composite data for any two periods (tracks changes)
  • User access to their primary coaching motivators
  • Manager access to ‘best at’ for creating local ‘champions’
  • Manager data on team composite learning needs
  • Learning priorities by individual, team and organisation
  • Manager data on team composite coaching preference
  • Ability to create bespoke ‘tests’ on-line and send to nominated staff



What makes it different from competitors?

As far as we are aware, there is nothing else on the market like this!

  • Aimed specifically at process-led environments
  • Data at the level of the individual, team and business (and more if needed)
  • You control the diagnostic content and tests
  • Strong coaching element
  • Continual measurement to validate learning spend
  • Multi-level menu structure
  • Provides an interface with other learning resources
  • Prioritises learning needs identification for precise learning interventions
  • Facilitates individual and local learning rather than central ‘course’ interventions
  • Comparative data to create learning buddies and local champions
  • Facilitates team mix for projects
  • Directly saves cost

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