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Bodes PMS: Performance Management System –applying your processes in your business environment

  sample screen shots of bodes 360 application

What is it?

An on-line performance management system with cascade objectives against backdrop business plans. With robust management and organisational metrics, the performance management system is completely configurable to your processes. From objectives, to balanced scorecard, to competency assessment, to job description analysis, the configuration is up-to-you.

Data and metrics feature highly throughout and at all levels of the business hierarchy. It provides the team leader/manager with a summary of the team’s capabilities and behaviours, development needs and can analyse from organisational down to individual levels. Organisationally, it provides strategic information on capabilities, manager performance, individual unit/business performance, global development needs, top and bottom performers, and much more.


What does it do?

The list of functions is exhaustive, and completely depends on your needs. For example, it can include:

  • A full performance cycle definition in your language and reflecting your processes.
  • Skills, competencies and behaviours are all included within the process (switch on/off). Reflecting your processes they ensure the ‘what’ is matched with the ‘how’ in performance delivery.
  • Multi-dimensional development plans based on objectives/targets/KPI’s, behaviours, skills or competencies are all directly targeted.
  • Deep and robust report indicators for the manager, division and organisation as a whole. Organisational and manager dashboards often feature in this system.
  • Transparent cascade objectives and business plans - the system enables the individual to view all plans through their reporting hierarchy to ensure ‘fit’ with their business line.
  • Self-service with manager confirmation - the manager retains the right to manage. However, workflow is, again, largely up-to-you.
  • A 360º option for skills, behaviours or competencies is built into the system itself.
  • SMART so the system ensure that objectives are measured, dated and conform to the business plan.
  • There is a function (‘Open View’) for opening the content of every role (except where confidential) to all staff in the business. This significantly aids the internal career and transferability processes.
  • Direct links to your learning library or other development processes with a resource allocation dashboard.
  • A vast reporting library ensures you get the data that you want when you want.


What makes it different from competitors?

  • The most simple and uncluttered look and feel ensures a intuitive user interface. You will not need to train users or managers!
  • Meaningful reports at every level of the business hierarchy.
  • Actively encourages ‘high performance business’ methodology.
  • Balances the ‘what’ with the ‘how’ in driving performance.
  • Ability to open the business with cascade plans and search other roles.
  • Completely configured to your processes.
  • Integration is a simple step.
  • Accessible world-wide 24/7 from any supported browser.


sample screen shots of bodes 360 application

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