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Bodes RMS (Recruitment Management System)

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sample screen shots of bodes 360 application

What is it?

Bodes Recruitment Management System (RMS) is the next generation, 100% Internet recruitment management system, providing you with the ability to increase the quality of candidates being considered for both specific campaign and from speculative job seekers. From web-based branded applicant-facing systems through to a complete ‘back office’ process. Our recruitment module has been designed as a best-in-class recruitment management solution with its primary appeal being its complete configurability with custom fields. In other words, there are no constraints to reflecting your field needs.

It facilitates clear communication and interchange of information between you, your internal client (manager of people), your candidates and your suppliers in the fulfilment of recruiting functions. The main components include:

  • Requisition management/search functions.
  • Candidate management.
  • Line manager and supplier management.
  • Response and reporting tools.
  • Job, candidate and client workflow.
  • Audit trail.


What does it do?

  • Electronically manages the complete candidate lifecycle from CV’s, profiles, associated notes, attachments, histories, and scheduling.
  • It will automatically post open positions to the website/intranet in your chosen format and will allow the authoring of unique job-specific questions.
  • Your candidates will get automatic, personalised e-mail notification of positions as and when they become available.
  • Secure access to information via the internet for an unlimited number or category of users, including suppliers will give the resource team tremendous flexibility.
  • There is a user-specific report generator, and user-defined dynamic workflows will map to any process with flexibility to edit/update reflecting different cultural/working practices.
  • It incorporates e-mail, calendaring, reports, lists, and templates/forms, and provides a single intuitive/customisable user interface that is able to reflect localised information needs.
  • ‘Out of the box’ corporate career portals seamlessly integrated into your own website, internal intranet and graduate recruitment portal.
  • Complete flexibility in designing your work processes and field requirements including these within the system at a click of the button.
  • The system is configurable to use as little or as much of the functionality as required.
  • An external-facing career development site is available to ensure a positive interaction for rejected candidates.


 What makes it different to competitors?
  • A great system at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers!
  • Fully integratable with other HR systems and portals.
  • Complete configurability with customer fields where you need them most.

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