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Various Psychometric & Inventory/Development Questionnaires

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At Bodes e.HR, we have gained a reputation for our ability to match client needs. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in our ability to provide the system framework for inventories and psychometrics. We have done this in a variety of ways:

  • Directly with clients as part of a larger system requirement for talent management
  • With Occupational Psychology organisations enabling their own inventories and psychometrics to reach their clients on a world-wide basis
  • Multiple sites for consultancies branded to each individual client
  • One-off solutions for pre and post-learning interventions
  • As indicators for organisational change events
  • As part of blended learning solutions
And if you require content as well, we have partnered with a premier Psychology business that will ensure you get the content to find out exactly what you need. The range in this area is vast and we can always match your needs. 


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