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Bodes e.HR reveal their new DEFINITIVE range of products

You're unique. Why settle for an e.HR solution that isn't?

Here at Bodes we have been listening to our customers well thought out internal HR processes. And from this knowledge we are pleased to announce a brand new range of products.

DEFINITIVE has arrived!

Launching our product set has taken the best thought-out and tested processes from our multi-disciplinary clients, and working closely with them, we gained an insight into the working world of HR from a HR perspective.

We are now capable of providing any combination of Performance Management System, 360, Talent, Succession, and Learning Tools, into any size organisation.

The new product range rollout will coincide with a seminar we are hosting to bring together the message that HR is in the driving seat and now has a set of DEFINITIVE products that can align your business with your main assets, your people.

When the DEFINITIVE product range was originally brought together (a culmination of ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ continuously by our clients.) Bodes e-HR quickly realised that most HR software provides at best:

  • A place to store information with costly development needed to make the system specific to each changing need within businesses

  • And at worst, something people talk about, but find to cumbersome to use.

Anthony Carnell, Consulting Director at Bodes e.HR, was asked how he saw the new DEFINITIVE range of products. “We challenge are clients and we expect our clients to challenge us, we believe we are now one of ‘The’ most accommodating HR Vendors to bring such an adjustable bag of functionality to our present and future clients. We can now boost a wealth of products to suit any needs, from any browser in the world”

Phil Joy, Sales and Marketing Director at Bodes e.HR, said “I think the key issues in HR today are:

  • an understanding of the possibilities for the future of HR as a whole
  • belief that with support, you can have a useful and dynamic HR tool that is user friendly
  • with the right buy-in from the board, visibility without prejudice of all personnel enabling HR to support other business processes"
Phil went on to say "Too many times you hear of large providers of HR Software renewing licenses on underused tools. I think within the next 6 months certainly, we will start to see a trend towards legacy systems being replaced, and businesses settling for nothing less than they need. This will push performance of these tools to a world standard. We at Bodes are ready to take to market this exciting range 'DEFINITIVE'".

Bodes e.HR is well thought of by its clients, one of which was willing to share their experiences about how their business strategy was supported by HR software from Bodes e-HR.This is now an integral part of the basis of the DEFINITIVE product range.

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